The Most Important Things You Should Absolutely Know about Integrated Tumble Dryers

Having a clothes dryer in your home can be a blissful thing, especially when you are permanently on the go and you need your attires to be dried off in due time.

However, choosing the right dryer for you and your household can be a hassle when there are so many types of dryers available on the market – each with its own specifications and each with its own particular models.  There are people who prefer bigger models or s.

Following, you will be presented with the most important things you should keep in mind when it comes to an integrated tumble dryer – how they work, how you should buy one, why would you need this kind of  tumble dryer and so on.



Tumble Dryers: What Are They, Actually?

Tumble dryers are easy to understand, at least in theory. Basically they are clothes dryers that spin the clothes at a high rate and at a high temperature to dry off the water from them. It is to be kept in mind the fact that, generally speaking, when you are instructed to tumble dry at a certain temperature (for example, there may be clothes that have specifications when it comes to this), you should actually follow these instructions because they are very important for the sake of your  clothes.


Why is WHITE KNIGHT C8317WV so popular integrated tumble dryer ? Find out in our detailed review - pros and cons !

What Is an Integrated Tumble Dryer?

This is a clothes dryer that can be integrated into the furniture. This way, you can “hide” it away from the eyes of your guests and you can make your home more appealing from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, this is the main reason for which so many people choose to buy  this  tumble dryer instead of a normal one: they will not have to ruin their home’s appearance at all (and even more than that, they can make it appear bigger since the dryer will be masked by a piece of furniture).

Also, it is important to know that even in this kind of products group  you will be able to find at least two main sub-categories: the fully integrated tumble dryer and the partially integrated one. If you want the dryer to be hidden from sight completely, the first option is the one you should go for, but if you just want it “pushed” under a piece of furniture, you can easily go for the second option.

What is a  Condenser Tumble Dryer ?

If you live in a flat apartment, you know that it can be difficult to vent the  tumble dryer on the outside. This is the main flaw vented tumble dryers have and the main reason some people choose to buy condenser tumble dryers instead. Basically, this type of tumble dryer will not need to be vented out. They have two air flows that function separately. As one will gather the dampness from the clothes, it will transform it into water that will be released from the machine through a hose (in a similar way your washing machine does with the water that was used).

Tumble dryer of the “condenser” type can be a great way of fitting your tumble dryer into your flat apartment without the need of ruining its aesthetics and without the need of having to vent the air out either.

How Do You Choose Your Tumble Dryer, Though?

The specifications mentioned above should give you a broad idea on what kind of tumble dryer you need. However, to make your choice easier than that, here is a list of things to keep in mind when shopping around:

· Integrated, fully integrated or not integrated at all? The benefit of an  this tumble dryer was explained previously. Take it into consideration. If you want to have a nice home that looks organized and tidy, a fully integrated or even a partially integrated tumble dryer will be what you are searching for.

· Vented or condenser? Vented tumble dryers are the more “traditional” choice, but, as mentioned before, if you live in an apartment and do not have the chance to actually vent out your dryer, the condenser type will be perfect for you.

· Energy saving. It may feel like a good idea to choose a cheaper and less energy-efficient tumble dryer to start with, but it is in fact the worst decision you could make. You have no idea how much money a good energy-rated dryer will save you on the long-term and you have no idea how good this is for the environment as well! Do keep in mind the fact that dryers will always use more energy than washing machines, so there could be a lot of savings in the middle. Pick the one that is more efficient and you will be more satisfied with it on the long term!

How to Repair Integrated Tumble Dryer ?

Integrated tumble dryers after use for a long time can likely experience drum turning problems that may hinder their overall functionality. Door turning problem is the most common issue reported about these machines it’s, therefore, important a person knows how to fix it.

Many times when the drum is not turning as it should, this means the cut-out thermal overload is faulty, or the machine’s heater has blown. In case the thermal overload has malfunctioned, find the external red reset button at the back of the tumble can, and press it till it clicks. Some models may have internal reset buttons instead. In this case, remove the heater casing of the dryer first in order to reach it. After finding the red button, press it till it clicks and the heat will initiate again.

On the other hand, most new dryers in stores nowadays lack reset buttons—they have a “one shot stat” that blows all the time. If this is the problem, replace it with a new one—they are easy to replace. They may jam because of some factors such as the pipes or fluff filter of the machine has blocked, or the unit in the condenser has blocked. And sometimes, the “one shot stat” may malfunction because the dryer wasn’t given sufficient time to cool down correctly.


Where to Find and Buy a High-Quality Dryer

Always buy integrated tumble dryers from reputable sources online and merchant dealers from around your local area. But before buying, use this checklist when shopping to ensure the dryer you’re about to buy is high quality and in good shape.

Open the door. The dryer’s door should be easy to open. It should open flat against the machine, without swinging back by itself to allow easy placement of laundry.


  1. Check the control panel. The panel should be easy to read and neatly laid, so everything is easy to find.
  2. Check the lint filter. Always clean the lint filter after every drying cycle to prevent it from getting clogged, which causes the machine to become less energy efficient. The filter should also be easy to remove and replace as well.
  3. Check the micro filter. Many heat pump dryers have a micro filter that must be cleaned after use. Make sure your machine’s micro filter is easy to find and replace. Some machines might have micro filters that are hard to find and replace, so be very careful.
  4.  Check the water outlet. The water outlet slides should open and shut seamlessly every time. The water container should also be easy to access and remove as well. And finally, make sure to check whether the dryer has all the features and programs you need for much convenience.

Some Common Brands of Tumble Dryers and Each Dryer’s Pros and Cons

Some popular brands of integrated tumble dryers include White Knight C4317WV, White Knight C8317WV, White Knight C43AW and CDA CI92. And below is a short summary of pros and cons associated with each machine.



White Knight C4317WV.


  • Very energy efficient, which means it’s easy to use
  • Very quiet, it hardly produces any disturbing noise
  • Easy to fit, which means you save more on space for other purposes
  • Cost efficient, which means it’s reasonably affordable
  • None have been established
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White Knight C8317WV.


  •  Easy to use and energy efficient
  • Great size, which means it’s exceptionally flexible
  •  Air vented
  •  A value buy for money
  • Nothing found


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White Knight C43AW.


  • Very quiet
  •  Easy to use and energy efficient
  •  Value for money dryer
  •  A great fit, which means you save on space
  • Door feels a bit flimsy
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CDA CI921.



  • Air vented
  •  Easy to use and energy efficient
  • Perfect size, which means it free up space for other use
  • A value buy for money
  •  Have more salient features
  • A bit expensive than other models
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Why Buy Tumble Dryers from Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest selling marketplace of authentic and high-quality products, from verified manufacturers and merchant dealers selling stuff online to consumers around the globe. Buy your integrated tumble dryer and other products from Amazon, and you won’t be disappointed!

Bosch vs. White Knight.

There are many companies manufacturing tumble dryers of all kinds but it would be best for you if you chose a well-known, reputable one. Bosch and White Knight are without any doubt among the most popular and most appreciated companies on the market and choosing between the two of them would make a good choice in any case.

Bosch has been around for many, many decades and they will provide you with a very high quality range of products. When it comes to their  tumble dryer range, they are quite generous. At the moment, they manufacture 8 products, each with its own qualities. Regardless of whether you are searching for a  tumble dryer with a condenser mechanism or with a vented mechanism, you can count on the fact that Bosch will have something available for you. Other features of some of their products in the  tumble dryer range include sensitive fabrics drying, self-washing and high-efficiency as well.

As for the option of a White Knight tumble dryer, you should know that this name is not an actual company. Those who manufacture the famous White Knight tumble dryer actually belong to the Phillips company and they are quite old on the market as well. However, the prices for one such  tumble dryer may be slightly lower than in the case of a Bosch one, depending on what model you are searching for. You can buy such tumble dryer for


In the end, the choice is yours. Both White Knight and Bosch (and many other companies on the market) offer great quality products. Keep in mind what you have learned thus far and make sure that you don’t fall for something that sounds too good to be true when it comes to the relationship between what that particular integrated tumble dryer offers and its price.