Use Small Condenser Tumble Dryer for Convenient and Hassle-free Laundry Drying

The small condenser tumble dryer is an ideal choice for a single person. All those who face the problem of drying laundry, but have constrained living space cannot afford to buy a standard size tumble dryer which has a capacity somewhere between 6-8 kgs. These people prefer using small tumble dryers. Also, single person households are growing in the United Kingdom and hence portable tumble dryers are becoming the most sought after commodities. Moreover, cold and wet weather of the UK makes drying laundry a very difficult process. Given here are a couple of quick tips for all those who are trying hard to get hold of a small   tumble dryer. 


The best small condenser tumble dryers in 2016

PhotoName / BrandPrice / AvailabilityCapacityRatingReview
White Knight WK38AWWhite Knight WK38AWCheck at Amazon3kg4.6 out of 5Review in progress
White Knight 37AW Tumble DryerWhite Knight 37AW Tumble DryerCheck at Amazon 3kg4,5 out of 5 Read our White Knight 37AW Tumble Dryer Review
Hotpoint V4D01P 4kg Small Vented Tumble Dryer WhiteHotpoint V4D01P 4kg Small Vented Tumble Dryer White Check at Amazon4kg4.5 out of 5Review in progress



You Can take Them on Camping: 

If yours is a single person or a very small family, then you should consider buying a this type of tumble dryer. These dryers are not big in size and you can take them on camping. But, you should always remember that they are not big and can dry only a small amount of laundry at a time. If yours is a big family, forget about purchasing these condensers.


Can Be Positioned Anywhere and Does Not Require Ventilation: 

You need not worry if you have a restricted space at home. You can position the portable condenser tumble dryer anywhere in your home. They can be placed in the kitchen, in the utility rooms, in a lobby or outside because these do not need any ventilation. They have a container tray which should be emptied from time to time.

Lint is to be Cleaned Regularly: 

If you plan to buy a mini condenser tumble dryer then you should make it a point to clean its lint regularly. If too much dust or fluff gets built up, they can prove to be a fire hazard. Just pull open the door of the lint and clean it thoroughly. You can make use of a small vacuum to clean it thoroughly, after a couple of cycles. This will help you maintain it in a good condition.

White Knight 37AS Compact Tumble Dryer


People who have restrained space should make consider buying White Knight 37AS Compact Tumble Dryer. Great for family and fits into really small place .  Dimension of this dryer are 10 x 10 x 10 cm  and has a total capacity of 3-4 kgs. It can dry 10 Tees at a time. The model is compact .




With this model, users can choose from two different drying temperatures depending on the material of their clothing. The dryer has a 3 kg drum.  2 heat settings and it has weight only 100 kg ! . Great reviews from customers too.


Convenience of Mini Condenser Tumble Dryer:

The mini Condenser tumble dryer is a perfect choice because it can be positioned at any nook of your house. You can place this condenser in your cupboard or on the table. Not only this, but the dryer does not require any access to waste pipes as it is a condenser type. The dryer can be easily installed on a wall also. These condensers have become a popular choice due to their ease of use, great utility and portability.


Take Care of Temperature Settings: 

There are multiple advantages of these types of condenser tumble dryer. Like, these dryers can be easily positioned at any place of your house, do not require plumbing, the laundry that they dry does not need ironing. But, the two things that you need to take care are: Its cleaning at regular intervals and the temperature settings while you use it. If you plan to dry cotton and natural fabrics you have to set your machine at a higher temperature than so many other man-made fibers which are likely to get ruined by a high temperature.


Most of the mini condenser available in the market today have special temperature settings for wools and other delicate fibers. Some of the compact condensers these days have the feature of drying sensor and get automatically stopped as soon as the moisture from the cloth gets absorbed.

Small Condenser Tumble Dryer Sizes:

Since these tumble dryer sizes are small and therefore they can be used to dry the laundry of 10-15 Tees at a time. These condensers have a total capacity of 3kg and sometimes 4kg not more. They are much more convenient to be placed anywhere in the house and can be carried away. Unlike the standard size condenser tumble dryer which are 6-8 kgs normally, they provide you a complete convenience due to its small size. The vented Hotpoint Aquarius V3D01P (3 kg) has a dimension of H67X W49XD48. The other model Zanussi TC180W is 68.6 cm x 59.5 cm x 42.0 cm.

Main difference.


Small vented tumble dryers have the same level of convenience but they are different from the condenser tumble dryers because they make use of a venting hose to scatter the moisture of your wet clothes into the air as vapour. They can cause a high level of humidity and can prove to be pretty dangerous for the electrical circuits. On the other hand compact condenser tumble dryers, do not need any venting tube because moisture in the laundry gets converted into water instead of water vapor. Small condenser dryers cost you more and slighter less in efficiency than the vented tumble dryers.

Why Should You Consider Buying this type of tumble Dryer?


Owing to the multiple advantages it offers, more and more people prefer to buy a compact condenser tumble dryer. If you are single or have a very small family and reside in a cold or moist region, these small condenser tumble dryers are indispensable items for you. Moreover, they can be carried along easily and can be easily positioned at any place, can be installed on the wall or cupboard and do not require pipes. So, do not linger and get hold of this necessary home utility item if drying clothes bothers you.


Hotpoint V4D01P - Short Description

Details +

  • Small vented tumble dryer
  • 4kg capacity
  • Anti Tangle Technology
  • Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars ( based on more than 50 reviews)

White Knight 37AW - Short description

Details +

  • 3kg capacity- great for small places
  • 2 heat settings
  • Timer: 120 mins
  • 4.5 out of 5 rating ( based on more than 220 reviews)

White Knight WK38AW - Short Description

Details +

  • 3kg capacity tumble dryer
  • 120 minute timer
  • Tumble dryer with 2 heat settings
  • Front load
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars