3kg Tumble Dryers – The Minimalist Way Of Drying Clothes !

Not everyone has the the privilege of hanging laundry outside to dry in the sun, especially in the temperate climatic zones where it rains frequently. For families who live in the hustle and bustle of the city may not have enough space to hang clothes and wait for it to dry. Naturally, it takes a lot of time for clothes to dry, but in our fast paced world, where time is an important commodity indeed, who can afford to wait? This is where a tumble dryer comes in handy. You can place it in your basement and it won’t take up much space. It will dry all your clothes within minutes and its efficiency and functionality makes it one of the most essential home appliances to ever be invented.

Why purchase a tumble dryer?

Tumble dryers have a lot to offer provided you are willing to try all its services. First off, they work real fast. These machines are reliable and provide ultra fast drying results. They can come in handy for homes with babies where you have to frequently wash clothes and dry them as fast as possible!

While you can’t rely on the weather, you can surely rely on your tumble dryer to dry your clothes. In temperate climates due to frequent rains, you may not know if it is going to be a good idea to hang clothes outside to dry. With a tumble dryer at your hands, you can be sure that all the clothes can be dried within an hour or so.

Tumble Dryer

If you have limited space like the majority of us, then you also know how much hassle it can be to make space for your laundry to dry inside the home. A tumble dryer also solves this problem, as they can fit in a small space and can dry tons of clothes within a short period of time.

How to choose the best tumble dryer?

With so many products available in the market, it can be bewildering to choose the right one. Here, you will learn about different kinds of tumble dryers that are available in the market, and which one might better cater to your needs.

White Knight 3kg tumble dryer
The versatile, compact dryer features 2 heat settings, 140 minutes drying time, a vent hose and an easy access fluff filter. For families who don’t have much space to spare, this mini dryer might be the ultimate solution. It is not huge in size, hence, it can snugly fit into a tiny apartment. Surprisingly, it’s just as powerful and efficient as other, bigger dryers. This dryer comes with a capacity of 3kg for a relatively affordable price. Plus it is easy to use. You wont need to pore over a complex manual for hours to start using it. If you are looking for value for money then this is the product to purchase.

White Knight 3kg tumble dryer

Creda 3kg tumble dryer
This is another kind of vented tumble dryer that features a 120 minutes drying time. These are compact, silent and durable dryers. They also come fitted with a vent hose on the front side. If you purchase this dryer, keep in mind to position it near a window, or a garage where it will be able to vent out the air. This product is ideal for smaller homes and won’t break your budget.

Condenser 3 kg tumble dryer
The white knight 3kg tumble dryer is a vented tumble dryer. But you can also come across a different type of dryer called the condenser tumble dryer. Let us look at how this is different from a vented tumble dryer. First of all, these dryers use a totally different technique. It injects hot steam into the drum of the dryer. This hot steam later pushes water molecules out of the clothes. The water is then collected and drained through the bottom or the back (depends on the design of the dryer). If you are not worried about the budget, then this might suit you, as these 3kg tumble dryers are on the expensive side. Add to that, you may have to spend even more cash on the extensive plumbing required for the installation.

If you want to save on your purchase for 3kg tumble dryers then you might want to wait for tumble dryer sales on online sites. Sometimes they offer good products for very low prices as promotional offers or for clearance. If you stay alert, you could be able to buy an expensive dryer at a very low cost.

Is it worth the money?

3kg tumble dryers are definitely worth purchasing. They are great home appliances that provide commendable service for a reasonable price.