How To Choose The Best Condenser Tumble Dryer?

Growing up, I only knew of one way to dry your clothes, the sun. And you had to do your laundry on days you were sure the weather was going to be perfect. Then came tumble dryers. I was just a kid when we got our first one and it was, well for lack of a better word, amazing. I wanted to know how this strange machine worked. But as I mentioned, I was just but a child. Like washing machines, tumble dryers were a great innovation and before long, everybody had one.

How they work

It’s really simple how tumble dryers work. And I always thought that if I had been born a few years earlier, I could have been the one behind this innovation. The dryer consists of a drum-like structure called a tumbler. Hot air is channelled into this part while it rotates. The hot air causes the moisture in your wet clothes to evaporate and the hot, humid aftermath is ejected from the machine. It just sucks in the air, heats it and uses it. I don’t think any of the heat gets recycled and many might say it’s not environmentally friendly but it doesn’t pollute in any way. They are really reliable and that is why you can find them in every household.

Types of dryers

Creativity never ceases and there are lots of different types of tumble dryers out there. You can tell them apart by their design and by how they operate. There are spin dryers, microwave dryers, heat pump dryers, condenser dryers, solar dryers, mechanical steam compression dryers, condenser dryers, convection dryers and many others. But I will only be looking at one specific type; the Condenser Tumble Dryer.

Condenser Tumble Dryer

This type of dryer is perfect if you are looking for a regular household dryer. With the condenser tumble dryer, the hot damp air that remains after the drying process is not removed from the machine. There is a complete condensing mechanism, hence the name. The air is condensed and stored in a container inside the machine. After a while, this container has to be emptied manually. But there are models that also have a hose attachment, depending on buyer preference. I would say that is the best feature because with most other dryers, you had to attach a pipe that takes the hot air outside. Meaning you could only install the dryer in specific places. But with the condenser dryer, you can literally put it anywhere you want.

The Best Condenser tumble dryer

And because it’s so efficient, practical and everybody loves it, there are just so many of them. Every company that makes different dryers will tell you that condenser tumble dryers are the most preferred in homes. This brings in the question of how you get the best machine. Whenever you want to buy something that is available in many different models, you will always be torn between choices. Well, today, I have put together some guidelines highlighting important features you should look for in a condenser dryer to make sure you make the absolute best choice.


Stuff to look for when buying

Before you go out to get a condenser tumble dryer, be prepared. You will meet sales people with colourful brochures and they will describe their machines with big words that will make think the thing was made by NASA. You should always take a long hard look at the specifications before you decide to buy.


This is one area that you can use to knock off some brands from your list. The capacity of the dryer will determine how many clothes it can dry at once. Some types even go up to 10kgs. The capacity will also dictate how many times you need to use it. If you are single and living alone then a small one won’t be much trouble. But if it’s to be installed in a family home, then I suggest you get the biggest one.

Energy Saving

No offense, but clothes dryers are like two Hummers and a Bentley on top when it comes to electric guzzling. Although through the years they keep getting better, there are still some brands whose driers use up a lot of electricity. You wouldn’t want to buy something that will hurt your monthly budget. When shopping for a dryer, always look out for energy ratings. If the ratings are good, then the dryer wont use up too much power. They will be more expensive than the less efficient models but in the long run they will help you save on power costs.

Auto Sensing

We all know what could happen when you over dry your clothes. Apart from starting a fire, you could damage your clothes. This is a cool new feature that is in some of the recent models. These dryers have a sensor that detects when the clothes are dry and automatically stops the cycle. This is a really nice feature because it ensures that your clothes remain perfect and also prevents power wastage.


Even condenser tumble dryers need cleaning from time to time. You should look for brands that are easier to clean, especially when it comes to lint filters. Because of the fast moving air and the relatively high temperatures, lots of lint comes off your clothes while in the drying cycle. This filter helps collect it. After a certain period of time, the filter needs to be removed and cleaned to ensure proper running of the machine. In some brands the lint filters are easily accessible but in others, the filter is so far in that you may need some help getting it.


The programming options should also be looked at when buying a dryer. Some dryers are really simple; just put your clothes in and take them out when they’re done. But others have additional features like Cupboard Dry which makes the cycle is more intense, for clothes that you are planning to wear immediately. Or Cool Tumble that makes the cycle slower and gentler for those delicate fabrics. With these features and many more, you get to be in control and are assured the best results.