Experiencing The Power Of Bosch Tumble Dryer

Bosch is one of Germany’s leading companies when it comes to home appliances, particularly the Bosch Tumble Dryer. This article is dedicated in providing you the necessary knowledge that’s everything about Bosch including Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer and Bosch Integrated Tumble Dryer. In addition, this article will also tackle on Bosch Tumble Dryer problems, along with its associated Bosch Tumble Dryer spares, and the secret behind the Bosch Tumble Dryer reset button.

The company already built a valued reputation by bringing German engineering from the “road” to our kitchens at home. Bosch home appliance is based in Munich and has been selling high-quality German-crafted home appliances in different parts of the world for many years now. As a matter of fact, it is part of the world’s third largest manufacturer of appliances. Famous for its superior quality products, Bosch has been receiving top ratings from mainstream consumer publications because of its standards over efficiency, quietness, and integrated design.

Strong Company.

Bosch has a legacy of accepting challenges in overcoming technological obstacles to produce powerful and the most precise machines possible. The company is dedicated in delivering world-class performance by making appliances that are more intuitive, performs better than the rest, and at the same time use fewer resources for it to make.

For 125 years, Bosch never stopped satisfying consumers in making German kitchen appliances and has pride itself in the heritage of German engineering that has been passed from generation to generation – making further advancements with each generation.

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Bosch appliances such as the Bosch Tumble Dryer are here to make your life easier. There are some models accommodating the Self Cleaning Condenser – an added feature that offers “no more” manual cleaning with added specifications of energy savings in class A++ for the dryer life. The energy efficiency class A++ is one of the best features of Bosch tumble dryers as it provides extreme efficient drying. Bosch also features a sensitive drying system that can help you by doing some even and soft drying. This is due to the unique drum structure of the products.


Bosch tumble dryers are also famous for its fast drying abilities. Bosch can actually dry a full load for up to 35 minutes faster than before. Allergy sufferers can also benefit from the exceptional quality of the Bosch tumble dryers because they have an AllergyPlus / ECARF Quality Seal that are specially made for people who suffer from allergy.

Bosch tumble dryers further satisfies consumers worldwide by having an intuitive interface that is very convenient to operate.

Bosch is also famous for its Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer. You are really able to dry your clothes with utmost ease using these products. They feature an AutoDry technology for sensitive drying. They are equipped with a sensor that monitors your clothes that are being dried inside the machine. This is to prevent the product from overheating.

Bosch Tumble Dryer

Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer is also ideal for families that uses a lot of clothes because of its large capacity. You can even select from several programs and this includes programs that are made especially for your sportswear and is also recommended for people with allergy. It also features a quiet technology, thanks to its anti-vibration design in order for the machine to work efficiently and as quiet as possible.

Bosch Integrated Tumble Dryer is also a pioneering product from Bosch that takes care of your laundry and makes your wash day very productive and effective. They are specifically engineered and are designed to perfectly “integrate” into your fitted kitchen.

Bosch tumble dryer problems

Despite the design and seamless structure of the products, you can still experience some problems. In this case, your first choice is to use your warranty. If already not covered, you can buy some Bosch tumble dryer spares such as doors, belts, drums, hoses, and more.

If your machine experiences some mechanical problems and troubleshooting efforts fail, you can reset your dryer in order for it to function back properly. Unplug your dryer and pull it out away from the wall and then remove the central metal plate on the back part of the dryer by using a standard screwdriver. Find the small red reset button. It’s located above the heating element. Press and hold that button for a few seconds. Return to its initial position and turn it on again.