Candy Condenser Tumble Dryer

The Candy Condenser tumble dryer has the ability to take up to 9kg massive load size and are available in both vented and condenser models. The 9kg load size dryer can dry up to 9 towels or 45 shirts hence a perfect family sized machine. For family use the best dryer should have a maximum drying capacity of 9kg for efficiency. Here in are some of the models, parts and problems of the Candy Tumble Dryer.

Models of the Dryer

Candy GCC 590NB free standing 9kg Tumble Dryer. It is white in colour, has a huge 9kg load size, B energy rating, delay start timer, 4 level sensor drying capability and a maximum drying capacity of 9 kg which is equivalent to 45 shirts. It is relatively cheap to acquire as its price is 199.9 Sterling pounds with a 12 months warranty.

GOV 580NC-80. Has an 8kg load size, sensory Dry System, 4 Sensor Dry Programmes, Large door for easy loading, a highly efficient reverse action and up to 150 minutes timed drying. Other models of the Tumble Dryer with similar key features are GOC 58FS-80N, GOC 58FB-80N, GOC 58F-80N, GCC 5813NB-80, GCC 580NC-80, GCC 580NBS-80, GCC 580NBB-80 and GCC 580NB-80.

Candy Condenser Tumble Dryer

GCC 591NBB-80. Its key features include: 9kg load capacity, Sensor Dry system, 4 Sensor Dry Programmes, Large door for easy loading, highly efficient reverse action and approximate timed drying of up to 150 minutes. Other Models with the same key features are GCC 51NB-80 and GCC 5813NB-80.

GCC 591NB 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer has a clever sensor Dry technology which allows one to set level of dryness required. It has a glass door, B energy rating, delay start timer and 4 level Sensor Drying capability.

Parts of the Tumble Dryer

  • Candy Extra Long Vent Hose- 4m. This is the dryer’s hose which offers adequate ventilation for proper functioning of the Tumble dryer. An extra-long Electruepart hose can be used to ensure enough ventilation of the tumble dryer.
  • Wellco Energy Saving Tumble Dryer Balls. It is a natural fabric softener that makes clothes come out soft and fluffy. Reduces the static and lint build up in the dryer. It eliminates the need for fabric softener or drying sheets in the Candy Condenser Tumble Dryer.
  • Candy Vent Kit Condenser Box. Eliminates the need for external vending as it converts the tumble dryer into a perfect condenser dryer with a universal vent kit. It prevents humidity and dust from entering the dryer.
  • Candy Dryer element 2100W. It is the part that ensures clothes don’t take long to dry. Candy Water Container Assembly is where water is situated in the Dryer.
  • Candy Polyvee Drive Belt 1975 H7. It is concerned with the smooth performance of the tumble dryer. Candy Door Hook is the part that is used to close the dryer door.

Problems with the Tumble Dryer

The most common problems with the dryer include: Poor performance in washing or drying, breakage of parts of the condenser, excessive power consumption, short vent hose, faulty Candy Dryer element and high cost of maintenance.

In a nutshell, the Tumble Dryer is of different models with specific key features and has parts which can be replaced in case of breakage. The problems of the tumble dryer can always be corrected by suitable replacements of the specific parts.