Tumble dryer is a useful machine especially used for Laundry drying. Generally any machine meant for washing clothes includes two different chambers for washing as well as drying. In some machines both the works are done by a single chamber. Tumble dryers are machines meant for drying of wet clothes. Such a machine is quite beneficial during wet seasons when it becomes extremely difficult to dry clothes for daily use. There are several tumble dryers already available in the market. Of the available ones, Creda tumble dryer is one that is known for its outstanding drying capability. Further, it is completely automatic and hence allows easy washing and drying in just a touch away.Creda Official Logo


The tumble dryer by Creda is available quite readily in any shop selling home appliances. Usually this tumble dryer is available in the market in two distinct variants. One is known as the Vented model while other one is popular as Condenser model. There lies significant difference in between the two models.

· Creda Vented Tumble Dryer

This model has vents in its body to allow water to go out of the dryer when the washing is done. In the vented model of Creda water after washing drains out through vents made on the machine.

· Creda Condenser Tumble Dryer

In Creda condenser tumble dryer model however water after wash remains stored in a reservoir made within such a tumble dryer. Any dryer comes with timer so that user can set time frame for wash and drying. But, in such a system upon elapse of time frame for washing, alarm sounds automatically indicating that washing is complete.

Such machines are quite intelligent in the sense that it contains sensors that periodically checks for washing status. If it detects that particular clothing needs further wash then it automatically takes in water and keep on washing till it is completely clean. The drying mechanism involves a spinner that is run by a powerful motor capable enough to dry the clothes.

Creda Tumble Dryer


A tumble dryer usually contains two powerful motors for running the wash drum and the drier chamber. In addition it contains an inlet valve for water input into the machine. The motors as well as the inlet water valve may get out of order upon prolonged use. In that case those can be repaired by technicians and can also be replaced easily with necessary spares as needed to resume the working in full throttle.


Creda Tumble dryer is completely automatic where entire washing and drying process is done by some predefined wash programs stored in the machine memory. With so much sophistication sometimes problem do arise for people who do not know about technical aspect of operation. Further, problems with these automatic machines are that if any program error arises then the whole process is hampered. Even there is no way left to stop the washing unless one switches off the machine while making the wash process incomplete.

Why Creda Tumble Dryer is Not Heating?

If you are worried why your Creda Tumble dryer is not heating then you must know that in such a drier there is no option for application of heat to dry the clothes. The entire process of drying in this Tumble Dryer is conducted by means of a spinner tub that removes water from clothes while rotating at a high speed.

The Tumble Dryer by Creda is one of the best options for the buyers who are looking for an effective and advanced dryer to dry their clothes. It comprises of much improved and better features compared to its counterparts and thus will offer you the best drying experience that you had ever.