Currys Integrated Tumble Dryer

With the changing times and technological advancements in the new world , more people are embracing the new methods of doing things . Since food springs up as the most important basic need , then it is only fair that half the attention paid to its preparation should also go to the tools used in its preparation . This article will pay much attention to the Currys Integrated Tumble Dryer , a tool with as much importance as the rest in the kitchen .


Since the dryer is of the integrated type , it is then officially designed to be installed within a kitchen unit . Therefore , the dryer mainly caters for the light kitchen laundry and fabrics that would require drying . It is mostly ideal for homes without much space for hanging their fabrics .

Currys Integrated Tumble Dryer


There are various dryer types to consider when choosing based upon based on performance and mode of operation . This article will mainly focus on three categories :

  • The currys built in integrated vented tumble dryer
  • the white knight integrated tumble dryer
  • the currys vented tumble dryer .


The vented tumble dryers can be considered to be the more traditional types . This is because they pump warm , dump air from their internal drum through a hose to the outside .

The White knight tumble dryer , carrying a capacity of 5.9 kg , is ingeniously suited for a less demanding home . It has adjustable legs and a reversible door , which makes it very consumer friendly during the installation process . It has two heat settings , and a timer that runs for about 140 minutes which is quite suitable for a complete drying process . It also boasts of a reverse tumble action , which completely guarantees that all fabrics are well dried , without leaving traces of any damp patches . The additional dial control on it , with a drying chart next to it , makes the consumer experience on to relish since setting a cycle becomes pretty easy . Not wanting to forget , it has a very low noise level when compared to other machines , which makes it highly convenient .

The Currys built in integrated vented tumble dryer has the ability to adjust drying temperatures , which assures fine tuned fabric drying results to each load . The front door offers versatility with an 180 degrees rotational capability , which makes loading and offloading fabrics a walk in the park . A fluff filter is also available , hence enabling the user to clean fluff after each cycle , which maintains the dryer in a good working condition .


The dryers have an energy consumption of about 3.92 kWh per cycle , which henceforth translates to 459 kWh annually . This places them under category C in the energy efficiency class , which is pretty fair given the performance they offer .

With a noise level of about 62 Db(A) for every cycle , the machines would prove to be the ideal catch for a consumer who relishes their peace and quiet .


The machines come with a warranty of about 1 to 2 years . Retailing at a price of about $ 329.54 , the currys integrated tumble driers would be a bargain , given all the positive qualities they offer .

You can visit their official webpage  here.