Hotpoint Integrated Tumble Dryer Review

The Aquarius TVM570P Vented Tumble Dryer is an integrated tumble dryer that is a brilliant addition to the kitchen and is also a flexible and practicable device which is also affordable. This Hotpoint integrated tumble dryer is a very affordable device which will meet the needs of many individuals. In this review we will take a look at the device and will outline the features and benefits that it may have for the individual.


The performance of this device is of a very high quality when it comes to trying and it will fit well among the other kitchen units that you may have. It has an integrated drying Capability and has the capacity of up to 7 kg. This is suited to a large home and will be a good amount of drying space for a selection of different garments. There are two different settings for heat and the timer which ranges up 110 minutes. These can be controlled and will generate drying times based on your needs and desires. There is also a tumble action which can be reversed and this will ensure that all the items that you use in your dryer are fully dried and left without any damp patches. The Hotpoint integrated tumble dryer also has a loading point at the front of the device which means that it is completely hassle free and will enable a easy way in which to get your laundry in and out of the machine.

Hotpoint Integrated Tumble Dryer

Aquarius TVM570P


This is a perfect device for large families and will work extremely well for many years. It also has a one-year manufacturers warranty and comes in a cool white color which will mean that it will fit into a stylish kitchen. The noise level reaches 69 DB so it will stay relatively quiet throughout each wash. This tumble dryer is also easy to install and includes a venting kit which means any individual will have no problem setting up in a matter of minutes.