Indesit Tumble Dryer – Troubleshoot

Washing machines and dryers have become indispensable in your modern life style where space restricted apartment houses are the only choice for majority of the city population. Tumble dryers not only cut down the space but also save your time. Nowadays, we have energy efficient machines which increase the performance to a greater extent. Generally, with these tumble dryers clothes will not get into a tangled mess. The movement of the rotating drum inside these dryers from left to right keeps the clothes free from tangling.

Indesit tumble dryer is a unique one among the available that makes your laundry work easier by removing the wrinkles on the clothes and turning them soft. They are available in three types such as vented, condenser and washer types.

Indesit Condenser Tumble Dryer

In this type of machines, the condenser sends the heated air out. The heat exchanger then cools the air and condenses the water vapor into a drain pipe or a tank which is then emptied. Indesit condenser tumble dryers come with two heat settings, one condenser tumble dryer, one top water bottle that can be easily accessed, removable filter and steam refresh cycle. These have dual tumble direction and usually all their machines are certified with energy efficient ratings.Condenser type tumble dryers have automatic programs and drying time selectors. They have separate setting for cotton clothes and synthetic clothes. Naturally, the condenser model is a bit expensive than the traditional vented models.

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Spares for Indesit Dryer

Among the numerous spare parts, the top selling spares of Indesit tumble dryers are belts, drum rear bearing, door latch, drum shaft kit, hose vent and adopter, drum shaft pin, jockey wheel and many more.

Solve Problems by Replacing Right Spares

Spares for these tumble dryers can be obtained from the authorized dealers. Just by replacing the right spares you can solve many of the problems. Tumble dryer rear bearing stops the noises along with the squeaking of the machine and helps it to operate smoothly.

What should you do if Drum is Not Turning ?

It is really a headache if you tumble dryer drum stops turning. In case, it happens during your warranty period then no worry at all. If it happens after that, well, even then you need not worry at all. By following the given tips you can easily troubleshoot your tumble dryer on your own.

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If your condensers drum is not turning, most probably, it is time to replace your drive belt. Get a genuine spare from the dealers, unplug the machine and fit the belt as per the instruction manual. You can also watch Youtube videos and can learn to fit the belt in the right manner.

· Sometimes worn-out rollers can be the culprits. This may be due to the long years the machine has served. If you replace these circle shaped rollers on which the machine sits, then everything will be alright.

· Finally, the worst possible reason may be the motor. It would have died or become useless. Replacing the old motor with a new motor to your condenser tumble dryer is the only solution then.

Other than these, noises and squeaks may result if the machine has collected dust. Periodical cleaning of your Indesit tumble dryer will put a full-stop for all these small problems and the machine will be in a perfect condition.