How to repair a tumble dryer in 5 minutes ?

When your tumble dryer is not heating, the first thing you should do is, call your technician to come and fix it for you, but if you are reasonably competent in “DIY” (Do it Yourself) and you know the basics in electrical products then the task in front of you will be relatively easy to handle.
Before you touch the machine you must first know how it works. What are the key mechanical components that produce the heat. First you must know that there are three basic types of domestic tumble dryers which are; the condenser dryer, the vented dryer, and the heat pump tumble dryer. All of these machines have the same principle of operation, therefore, they all share the same fixing procedures since they all share one common problem “NOT HEATING”.

How to Fix a Tumble Dryer ?


First of all you must check if the drum is turning fine. If the drum is turning as it should be then there could be two things that could have gone wrong. Chances are either the the cut-out thermal overload has tripped, which is an automatic feature in the machine to protect itself from too much current, or the heater might have blown.

If the thermal overload has tripped all you have to do is, look for an external red reset button at the back of the tumble case and press it until you hear a click. After that you should be able to have heat again, but what you should know is, not all models have this external red reset button at the back of the casing, other models have internal reset buttons which you will have to remove the heater casing first to be able to access it. After you have removed the casing you will find the small red button near the heating element, press it till you hear a click and your heat will be back on.

tumble dryer is not heating

Most of the new dryers in stores do not have reset buttons, but they do have a “one shot stat” that blows, therefore, the only thing left to do is to replace it with a new one which is very easy to replace. The major reasons why these “stats” trip is because;
*The machine has been switched off before it completes its drying cycle, and the dryer was not given a decent time to cool down correctly.
*Pipes in the machine or the fluff filter are blocked
*The unit in the condenser could be blocked (for condenser dryers only)