Everything You Need To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Second Hand Tumble Dryers

With some so much advancement in technology, when it comes to drying clothes, we no longer need to rely on our washing line and the sun because tumble dryers are fast taking over. The amount of power and features you can net from these dryers are simply astonishing. So are you thinking of buying one of the best second hand tumble dryers because you cannot afford a brand new one? Well the following are tips that will guide you when shopping for this appliance.

The cost

How much are you willing to pay for a second hand tumble dryer? Your answer to this question will in a way determine what you are eventually going to take home. Take your time and you do a background search of the real cost of brand new tumble dryers and you compare with what the dealers are charging for second hand tumble dryers. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect once you step into any store or dealership.

side vented tumble dryer

Condensed washer or vented?

What is it that you really want? Many at times, it will make a lot of sense if you carry out a research on the three common types of tumble dryers and you single out used tumble dryers that will meet your cleaning needs. For example, if you are looking for something that is cheap, quick and uses less energy, there is no way you will go wrong if you go with vented dryer. Moreover, if you are running out of space, washer dryer is actually the best bet.

Useful Features

The key features of your dryer are important and must be taken into great consideration, as well. Technically, all tumble dryers normally come with at least 2 settings for synthetic and cottons. However, what other features would you want from your dryer? Reverse tumble heat, crease and automatic reduction programs are few of the things you need to look out for.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to used tumble dryers for sale, energy efficiency is fast becoming one of the most talked about topics. Technically, tumble dryers are actually rated on a scale of A++ TO G that is basing largely on their energy efficiency. When shopping for second hand tumble dryers and you want something this is efficient and cheap to run, A++ appliance is the best choice.

Where to buy ?

This has been said and it will continue being said; when buying any second hand item, the amount of benefits you can net from a reputable dealer are immense. The same thing goes to second hand tumble dryers; buy your dryer from a reputable store or dealer in town. Not only will you get access to an avalanche of amazing deals, many at times, reputable dealers will offer some kind of warranty in everything they sell. You can have it returned if you go home and you find your dryer has some issues.


Lastly, since the dryer has been used before, before you have it packed, it will make a lot of sense if you test-drive it. If you hear any screechy or whiny sound when the dryer is starting, simply walk a way. After all; who would want to go home and have the dryer shut down after a couple of days or weeks.