Facts about the side vented tumble dryers

Tumble dryers are the best dryers following their many advantages. They are affordable and easy to use. They are the best dryers to purchase for busy households. Due to the damp air, they need to be positioned near a window, door or external wall. An external vent fitted in the wall or hanging the hose out of the window is safe in disposing the damp air. They generally work by expelling the warm damp air. They are meant to dry fabrics that are already washed in water solution. There are different companies that make side vented tumble dryers. Some of the companies include BEKO, Samsung, GrunDig, Hoover, AEG and Hotpoint among others.it can be vented from right, left or from the back. It vents left, right and also backwards.

PhotoName/BrandPrice / AvailabilityCapacityRating
dryer1White Knight 37AWCheck at Amazon3kg4,5 out of 5
dryer2White Knight WK44AWCheck at Amazon6kg4.5 out of 5
51kVToqBy7LWhite Knight C44A7BCheck at Amazon7kg4.3 out of 5


Side vented tumble dryers take about 6-7kg load of washing. Huge array of programs are another feature of the dryer. The door is large and it opens wide. It has an enormous drum making it accommodate the load. The side vented dryers have indicator lights. Depending on the stage reached in the program, the indicator lights in sequence. 9programmes are offered by the Novotronic control with electronic moisture measuring and 2-timed programs. The drum turns clockwise and anticlockwise through the automatic reversing action and the drum turns intermittently to prevent folds and crease in the fabrics. The sensor dry option available works whether there is moisture in the drum and it stops or otherwise continues.

side vented tumble dryer

Some of the side vented dryers are programmed to play a little tune when done with the dying process. One can delay the start of a cycle by 3, 6 or 9 hours depending with the users. This enhances good control of time ensuring time management. The refresh program refreshes up the once-worn naturally and stored dried items. The reversible door allows one to customize the tumble dryer to suit the space taken by machine. Among other programs are the wool care programs and specialist jeans programs.

They use the lowest amount of energy possible. This is as a result of the adapted cycle length by the dryer that suits the exact size and dampness of each load. Integrated vented tumble dryers have their hose fitted on the rear. Some the commonly known integrated tumble dyers are Baumatic BTD1, White Knight 6kg integrated dryer and CDA 7Kg integrated vented among other brands. They have adjustable drying temperatures and adjustable feet. Some have galvanized drum. The energy efficiency lies in the class C. The integrated models have minute minders of up to 120 minutes and anti-crease function. One can set between low and high heat setting.


The vented tumble dryers are the best to use – user friendly and affordable compared to the condenser dryers.