Small and mighty: Zanussi TC 180W Tumble Dryer

The Zanussi TC 180W Tumble Dryer is a compact dryer, small enough to fit anywhere. It’s perfect when space is an issue. Its key feature is that it can be attached to the wall, and because it is a condenser, it can be placed anywhere in the home.

 Zanussi TC 180W Tumble Dryer benefits.

There are no pipes, and it doesn’t need venting. It is very small, with a 3.4 kg drum, which can take a load of about 10 t-shirts, so it’s perfect for a one or two person home.

The controls are really simple to use, just a timer and a choice of high or low temperatures. This tumbler dryer is also nice and quiet, yet another feature that makes it ideal for people with limited space. It is also a reverse-action tumbler.

Zanussi TC 180W Tumble Dryer


It helps to prevent creasing and tangling of clothes in the dryer, and makes ironing nice and easy. Keep in mind that this dryer designed only for small loads. However, for such a small machine, it has a lot of the same great features as a much larger dryer, and is perfect for a single person or a couple.

In addition to being small and quiet, the Zanussi TC 180W tumble dryer is very easy to use. The water condenser and lint filter is easy to clean. Keep in mind the entire condenser assembly will need cleaning at semi-regular intervals, especially if you use the dryer more regularly. It can be a bit delicate, which is not ideal. Also be aware that, with the space required to open the door, the dryer is actually 63cm wide. Still, the size makes it a great space-saver.


It comes with wall brackets, and can be mounted on the wall with minimal effort. Perfect for small utility closets, to hang on walls, or to hide away under kitchen cabinets. The controls are easy to use, with a timer and two temperature settings.

It is powerful enough that in spite of its size, it is possible to dry a double duvet in the 3.4 kg drum in 108 minutes, including cool down time. It is also sturdy, and should last years, through repeated weekly uses. There are admittedly a few downsides to the machine, most obviously related to the size. It is not ideal for everyday use, but for a single person or couple with a few small loads per week, the Zanussi TC 180 tumble dryer is a small and mighty machine that can make your life easier.