Vented Tumble Dryers – Buyers Guide

Do you live in a crowded apartment where you can’t get a hanging space for your garments? Or do you live in a congested flat where space is a luxury that is not taken for granted? Or do you live in a location where the weather is so unpredictable? Well, the solution is the vented tumble dryer.

To start with, what is a vented tumble dryer? For all you folks out there who aren’t conversant with it, a tumble dryer is a home appliance that cuts down the space and time for doing your laundry by quickly drying them.

This type of tumble dryer generally works by emitting warm, damp air via a hose and out of a vent that has been externally installed or even an open window.

Furthermore, the tumble dryer versatility provides solution to some of drying needs as long as you are aware of certain dissimilarities from the conventional drying appliances. E.g. the Bosch vented tumble dryer.

Bosch Vented tumble dryer.

Available in many versions, the Bosch tumble dryer is one great value vented machine that will serve your family perfectly.

Bosch Vented tumble dryer

Product specifications.

Customized to fit your fabrics

With a range of drying services tailor made to help you with all your drying needs rang from woolen finish, towels, sportswear, delicates, shirts/blouses to mention a few the machine to not only dry your fabrics but also remove those stubborn crinkles.


All you need to do is to select the type of settings you prefer depending on the quality of your fabrics and let the machine do the rest.


Bosch vented tumble dryer also comes with an automated sensor that allows the appliance to shut itself off when the load is dried. This feature allows you to cut down on household bills as the dryer saves energy by automatically shutting itself off.


The appliance is also fitted with a digital display that allows you to electronically dial and select the ideal sensor and timed programmes. This LED display also shows the remaining time of the cycle while the buzzer is also installed to conveniently notify you the end of the drying cycle.

Designed for maximum durability

Bosch machines are also designed for utmost durability that guarantees them a lifespan of 10 years before replacement of a part making it one of the best vented tumbled dryer available in the market. Its five layered galvanized exterior casing enables it to have a long lasting finish even if stored at the extreme of conditions.

The Bosch tumble dryer 8kg, is one of the largest carrying capacity that is designed to fit strategically anywhere in your home while serving all your laundry needs. For the ultimate convenience, these machines are also designed to be environmental friendly. The machine has an anti-vibration feature that allows it to operate at a pin drop silence besides achieving a greater stability.

Before you embark on purchasing a dryer, it is important to read customer reviews that have been left by other customer concerning a given product. Reviews are the best way to learn about the pros and cons of appliances. Here is a review that has been left by a customer concerning Bosch vented tumble dryer.

I bought my first vented tumble dryer when i first moved to my flat – it was cheap and after year I paid for the first tumble dryer repair .  In 2009 after it was rendered irreparable and with the advise of a colleague, I bought a new Bosch vented tumble dryer. Well, it has clicked its fifth anniversary and still it looks superbly new and works with great efficiency.”

Hotpoint vented tumble dryer.

Perhaps one of Hotpoint major strengths is their ability to stylishly design electronic accessories. Hotpoint vented dryers are exquisitely designed to coordinate well with various washing machine and have useful features such as easy ironing.


Hotpoint vented tumble dryer

Sensor drying .

Well, with Hotpoint you can always set the time and continue with other household chores without worrying about the electricity bill. The machine uses sensors to monitor the amount of moisture content and temperature levels inside the drum before automatically stopping themselves. This allows for maximum energy efficiency.

Anti-allergy cycle.

Hotpoint tumble dryers have an anti-allergy cycle that substantially reduces the risk of getting allergic reactions without damaging the fibers of your fabrics. With an aid of a patented high temperature regulator, this machine protects sensitive skins.


Note: For more specific side vented tumble dryers see our article.

Wool cycle.

Selected Hotpoint tumble dryers are also manufactured to provide a more gentle tumble action which help to averse any friction between the fibers. This action ensure you don’t change your closet any time soon as it keeps your outfit in very great conditions.

Large capacity and eco friendly.

An ideal Hotpoint tumble dryer has a capacity of 9kg, but it fits with almost any kind of lifestyle. This is one eco-friendly feature allowing you to dry as much clothes as possible in one session. The appliance is also designed to a new wave patterned drum that forms cushion for smoother and gentler tumbling while drying.

Available in an array of colors. 


Well, unlike other vented tumble dryers that are only available in white colour, Hotpoint is changing this trend by producing black vented tumble dryers to much of customers delight.

Well, you don’t need to worry about the white ones if you have young children who could stain it as even black vented tumble dryers are now available courtesy of Hotpoint electronics.

Customer reviews are the best way to judge for oneself the pros and cons of a product. With an impressive average rating of 4.1, Hotpoint tumble dryers are truly a force to reckon with as the following review reveals:

“I read about vented tumble dryers in a local magazine and decided to buy one. Though my initial thought was that it would inflate my electricity bill, I was utterly shocked when the bill was low beyond my projected cost. This is a must have appliance in your home!”

For the best prices on vented tumble dryer in UK, you can get expert opinion by consulting various specialists in the field on matters also pertaining to the best brand, warranties, and installation. Similarly, companies such as Hotpoint have a 24 hour customer hotline number where you can present your inquiries or complaints.

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