White Knight C8317WV – Our Detailed Review of 7kg Integrated and Vented Tumble Dryer

Are you having trouble when it comes to locating the best tumble dryer or clothes dryer in today’s market? Are you sick and tired of wearing dump clothes? Is the weather not good enough to dry off your clothes? Well, this is your lucky day!  If you want to buy White Knight C8317WV integrated tumble dryer you should read our review first.

The White Knight  tumble dryer is one of the best household appliance that can come in handy when one wants to remove moisture from clothes or other textiles. Keep in mind that you can dry your clothes shortly after washing them. Unlike other tumble dryers, the White Knight integrated tumble dryer  switches off automatically when the selected dryness is reached.


Product Design and Features

  • Comes with dual heat settings.
  • Has a maximum drying capacity of 7kgs.
  • 12 levels of dryness – 6 on low heat and 6 on high heat.
  • Comes with door hinges – both left and right side.
  • Minimal noise level during operation – 62dB
  • Vent kit is included.
  • Filters fluff.
  • Has four cycles – delicate cycle, easy iron cycle, freshen up cycle and final cool down cycle.
  • Offers an anti-crease option.
  • Fits and blends in with British standard kitchens
  • Has a reversible door – custom furnish doors can also be reversed.
  • Its overall energy efficiency rating is C.
  • Has an in-built extendable rear vent hose up to 1.8 meters.
  • Comes with adjustable legs.
  • Has multiple sensing levels which allow users to select damper settings for easier ironing.

Performance and Physical attributes

  • Dimensions – 890 (h) by 596 (w) by 530 (d) mm.
  • Energy consumption 519kWh per year (4.39kWh per cycle) on dry cotton.
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White Knight C8317WV

Pros and Cons of White Knight C8317WV integrated tumble dryer

  • Very quiet during operation – almost noiseless.
  • Switches off automatically after desired dryness is achieved – saves up to 15% of energy.
  • Compatible with standard UK kitchens.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors and still work perfectly.
  • Offers up to 12 levels of dryness and dual heat settings.

  • The vent pipe material is quite thin.
  • Not everyone can use all the features of this dryer.
  • Some boxes might miss the manual or instruction book.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term  “built-in”  vent mean in a tumble dryer?

This is where the vent hose probes in and out of the rear of the dryer when required.

What do when a new dryer makes a banging noise?

Ensure that all transit bolts are removed. To be on the safe side, follow each step in the instruction manual.

The drum keeps rotating for a few minutes after clothes are dry, why?

This is due to the anti-crease function feature. You can stop the drum from rotating by opening the door or switching off electricity.


The White Knight C8317WV tumble dryer is totally worth its price. It’s very efficient, silent and blends in with any kitchen. Try it today! Ensure that you make your order from trusted sellers.

Buy WHITE KNIGHT C8317WV today from Amazon

Ready to buy? Go only with trusted online retailers and you will be safe !


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